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Ecologîtes ?

Our écologîtes, what are they? They are gîtes – eco-cottages – whose design respects our environment. Build in nature, they respect it not only through their materials but also in the way they harmonize and are integrated into their environment.

Our écologîtes are build out of wood. Because it is a simple and natural material. They are mainly out of douglas pine and larch, which re naturally not subject to rot and do not necessitate a lot of treatment.We had to treat them initially and we did it with linseed oil, which respects more environment and health than an ordinary varnish. The roofs are insulated with cellulose pads: recycled paper, grinded and protected with boron salt (both fungicidal and repulsive).

Our heating source, firewood, is exclusively renewable and does not need any transport. Solar heaters provide each cottage with hot water. Waste water is exclusively purify with aquatic plants. The cottages are bioclimatic, which means they are facing south, with big windows also facing south to benefit from a maximum potential of natural light all day long. We organize waste sorting. And because ecology is a matter of our daily life, we invite you to come and see us by train (preferiental rates) and we provide you with bikes. During your stay with us, deep in the country, you can enjoy a forest spreading on 18 hectares and a pool treated with salt. Aficionado’s will find dry toilets on the ground. This is what we mean by écologîtes.



Le Bois de Faral 46500 Le Bastit
Tel : 05 65 40 13 38
Mobile : 06 29 36 97 34
Latitude : 44.71139100000001
Longitude : 1.666720899999973