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The Bois de Faral

The Bois de Faral is an ecological village of wooden houses, built in the heart of the Parc Naturel des Causses in Quercy, region which is deliberately protected and valued. Here we decided to set up a holiday village. We made sure it is integrated harmoniously into this beautiful scenery. The Bois de Faral, it is 18 ha of green nature and underwood where fifteen wooden houses, offering you a hearty family atmosphere, are erected, besides natural glades. The houses are separated so that your family can enjoy quiet and nature. Children will discover water and outdoor facilities and grown-ups will appreciate the pace, comfort and conviviality of an environment friendly holiday village.



Le Bois de Faral 46500 Le Bastit
Tel : 05 65 40 13 38
Mobile : 06 29 36 97 34
Latitude : 44.71139100000001
Longitude : 1.666720899999973